Career Center

We are very excited to announce the implementation of our new NNRHA Career Center!   The NNRHA Career Center will enable internal and external applicants to review our open job vacancy announcements and apply for open positions. After the creation of a profile, the applicant is required to provide personal and related job experience, which may  also be provided by uploading resumes and any applicable documents to be considered during the application process.  The NNRHA Career Center will also allow direct communication with applicants regarding the status of positions and allow Human Resources to complete the new hire process electronically using the information collected via the NNRHA Career Center website.

Please, click on "Career Center" to access all the information about our open job vacancy announcements.


At this time, you can also access the Career Center via our website,, "Career Opportunities", click on the "NNRHA Career Center".  


Posting Status

The status code listed next to each posting is the LATEST status and is the most current information available. It is updated frequently as the status changes. Unless an applicant has been contacted by the Department of Human Resources for an interview, the posted Code will be the only source of information on the posting status.

A - Open and accepting applications

B - Closed, no further applications accepted

C - Résumé review in progress

D - Interviews in progress

E - Interview process has ended

F - Position filled

G - Position to be reposted

H - Position on hold