DIRECTOR: Hugh Forehand
or 757-928-2644

The Community Development Department is organized to undertake revitalization activities in the community, in City Council approved revitalization areas and in NNRHA public housing projects. Such activities coincide with the agency's responsibilities under its annual contract with the City of Newport News for the preparation of related grant and special funding applications and administration of the locality's Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) and the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME), and NNRHA's annual funding agreement with the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the Capital Funds Program.

The Department is comprised of two divisions and the functional areas described below:

Development Division

This division is responsible for CDBG activities in locally approved community development and redevelopment projects. Such efforts include land assemblage (acquisition, relocation and demolition) and the review of development proposals prerequisite to the sale of property to address conditions of blight and to make land available for the construction of affordable sales and rental housing and new commercial development. Related activities include qualification of prospective homebuyers, preparation of applications for funding, mixed finance/low income housing tax credit packages for new public housing and coordinating proposals for other new and rehabilitated multifamily development.

The Development Division is also responsible for oversight of the City's HOME Program and the related development of new single family development and the provision of financial assistance to Community Housing Development Organizations and the use of such assistance for new and rehabilitated single and multifamily development.

As requested, this Division also plans and oversees special programs geared to provide assistance to city residents and to take advantage of Federal financial assistance. Such initiatives include the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, the CDBG-R program and the recently completed Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program.

Capital Funds and Rehabilitation Division

This Division oversees the planning, engineering and completion of improvements to NNRHA's existing public housing stock made possible by virtue of HUD's annual allocation of Public Housing Capital Program funding to NNRHA. This assistance enables NNRHA to undertake a wide range of improvements to preserve this low income housing resource.

Additionally, this Division works with property owners in designated revitalization areas and in communities throughout the City to renovate existing homes. This is made possible by CDBG and HOME funded loans and grants packaged and administered by staff. Specific programs include HOMEplace, HOMEcare and HOMEvestor and the CDBG funded Emergency Repair and Open House Programs.

Community Development Program Planning

Provides oversight for the planning, citizen participation input and program management for the five year and annual Consolidated Housing and Community Development Programs, and the collection of data for the Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER). Related activities include coordination and monitoring of non-profit sub grantees and overall program budget development and monitoring.

Commercial Loans, Residential Bond Financing and Labor Compliance

Staff in this office initiate and administer NNRHA commercial loans funded through the CDBG funded Newport News Urban Development Action Grant Program (NNUDAG) to engender economic and business development throughout the City. This office also reviews new mortgage revenue bond requests for the development and preservation of affordable rental housing and performs related compliance monitoring. Similarly, other duties include pre and post contract activities and monitoring related to HUD mandated Davis Bacon and Section 3 requirements for projects funded through the CDBG, HOME and Capital Fund Programs;